Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT
Crown Princess Victoria seated beside Nobel Laureate in Physics, Brian Schmidt, at the Nobel banquet in 2011. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT

Physics laureate: "My wine has certainly become much easier to sell since winning a Nobel"

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In the second episode of Radio Sweden's weekly podcast, we ask how one can win a Nobel Prize. We also find out how a Nobel Prize can change one's life, from making it harder to travel to changing one's career.

Professor Brian Schmidt, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011 for discovering that the universe is expanding faster and faster, also has a small winery in Canberra district, Australia, which makes Pinot Noir. 

In this excerpt, he tells Radio Sweden about the impact the Nobel Prize had on his wine sales. 

In the full podcast How to win a Nobel Prize..., Schmidt also talks about other ways that winning the prize has impacted his life, and he also shares an inspiring message. 

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