Clara Henry. Photo: Johanna Pettersson/Sveriges Radio.
Clara Henry. Photo: Johanna Pettersson/Sveriges Radio.

Period Song on SVT kids' show

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The Swedish Television's children's channel broached the topic of menstruation last Friday, hoping to destigmatize girls' periods.

The show "Fredagkväll" (Friday Evening) featured an interview with popular Swedish vlogger Clara Henry, whose recent book, Ja jag har mens, hurså? (Yes, I have a period, what about it?), aims at explaining everything about periods to preteens and teens.

At the end of the show, host Alex Hermansson performed a music video about menstruation, with the message that having a period is perfectly natural and normal.

The song's lyrics (translated from the Swedish) begin:

There's something that happens to girls sometimes,
They don't want to talk about it
And are maybe a bit ashamed.
They don't even want us to notice,
But we know that it's something totally normal.

We should be a little extra nice,
Have some patience, it's just a little blood.

Periods, periods, hip hip hooray for periods!
The body functions like it should,
And that's really, really good – Hooray!

The video features Hermansson singing with preteens and teens, and performing marionette theater with personified dancing tampons on strings.

In the interview on Fredagkväll, Clara Henry, now in her early 20s, told Hermansson that her motivation for writing the book about periods came from the experience of being a preteen girl and feeling frustrated by the lack of information about menstruation to answer all of her questions.

Earlier this year, the same channel produced a controversial music video featuring a dancing animated penis and vagina.

That song, called Snoppen och Snippan - those are child-friendly Swedish words for penis and vagina - is just a minute long and was made for a show called Bacillakuten, meaning the Germ Emergency. A doctor and a young girl called Mia are the hosts, and the purpose is to teach three- to six-year-olds about the body, health and illnesses.

The original Snoppan och Snippan Youtube video has almost 6.5 million views and the Period Song video already has over 160,000 views since it was posted on Friday.

You can watch the video here.

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