Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Photo: Ingrid Forsberg/SR.
Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Photo: Ingrid Forsberg/SR.

Room for children opens in House of Sweden in DC

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Rum för barn (room for children) is celebrating 10 years in its current manifestation at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and now another has been opened at the House of Sweden in Washington, DC.

Helena Gomér, director of the children and youth libraries at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, says that their motivation for recreating the Rum för barn 10 years ago came from the realization that children need multiple ways to learn to read and pictures and the arts is another way to learn to reading. This is why the Rum för barn is both a library and an art studio, and they try to do everything from children's perspective, hoping to make children feel welcome.

The House of Sweden liked Rum för barn's perspective and wanted to bring the concept out into the world, hoping to inspire children, pedagogues, and parents in washington to find another way to introduce children to literature. In their space they have both swedish and english language books, but focus especially on choosing books that help them realize their pedagogic vision.

In the future, it may also be possible to have a Room for children in other parts of the world, opening new places in association with the Swedish Institute and various Swedish embassies abroad.

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