Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT and the Police.
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Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT and the Police.
Photo: Kajsa Hallberg/Sveriges Radio
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The house where the 35-year-old suspect lived with his brother. Photo: Kajsa Hallberg/Sveriges Radio

Lisa Holm's family faces murder suspect on trial's first day

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The trial began Wednesday for the man suspected of murdering 17-year-old Lisa Holm in June. The prosecution referred to a number of DNA traces that implicate the 35-year-old suspect who is denying the charges.

Prosecutor Lars-Göran Wennerholm of the Skaraborg District Court in western Skövde was the first to present evidence and is asking for the foreign-born suspect to claim responsibility before being expelled from the country, according to Swedish Radio News.

"He parked his car here, called over Lisa Holm while she was starting her moped to ride home. He got her into a barn and then killed her. After that he went back and fetched his car, drove around the barn, threw the body into the car and drove towards Martorps farm," said the prosecutor to the court.

While the prosecution has some witness statements, its primary evidence is forensic. Lisa Holm's jacket was found to contain both her and the suspect's blood.

The defense attorney, Inger Rönnbäck, said that the police had been too quick in figuring her client was the killer.

"He was the one who found this glove that is so very important for the investigation. If he had been guilty of abduction or of killing the girl, he would have had a reason, not to show it, but to get rid of it," she said.

Holm's mother, father and sister are claiming damages totaling SEK 150,000. The family is being represented by Tore Brandtler who told the court that 17-year-old Lisa Holm was a shy girl who must have been lured into the barn opposite the cafe where she worked. The family, he said, was plagued by a difficult question.

"Why this happened. And only one person can answer," he said. "You can say that it would be good for the family if the answer could be given in this trial."

Swedish Radio's local channel in Skaraborg sent several reporters to the trial. Mats Öfverström described a tense scene for Radio Sweden.

"The family was in the court and they sat eye to eye with the suspect, the 35-year-old man. He all the time looked down in the floor or at the table. He didn't meet their looks. The father of Lisa Holm, most of the time, sat and watched the man," said Öfverström.

Later in the day, he said, the court had travelled to the crime scene. Even the family had followed in a police car though they did not leave it to see the barn where the 17-year-old had been killed. The trial is set to continue Thursday.

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