File photo: "Pills" by Beatrice Murch. CC by 2.0. Cropped.
File photo: "Pills" by Beatrice Murch. CC by 2.0. Cropped.

Worse health among Roma women and girls

Roma women and girls suffer from poorer health, in general, than the rest of the female population in Sweden, according to a new study from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Forty-year-old Rosita Andersson, who suffers from fibromyalgia, told Swedish Radio News: "The constant pain in my body stops me in my daily life very, very often; I can't clean or exercise. A lot is about dealing with the pain and anxiety, and trying to keep my zest for life."

Swedish Radio News reports that Roma women and girls are both exposed to violence more and are ill more than their counterparts. Moreover, twice as many reported taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers, according to the study, based on in-depth interviews with 337 Roma women and girls, between the ages of 15 and 64, all of whom are domiciled in Sweden.

While 70 percent of women in the general population experience good health, only 50 percent of the women interviewed in this study felt likewise.

In the report, the public health agency suggests that personnel who work for agencies and municipalities need to be trained about the history and social situation of Roma. Anders Tegnell, a unit head at the public health agency, says that would help build up the confidence that's needed.

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