Ebba Busch Thor i talarstolen i riksdagen
The leader of the Christian Democrat Party, Ebba Busch Thor. Photo: Janerik Henriksson / TT

Christian Democrats want transit zones for refugees

The Christian Democrats want to see temporary border controls and that all asylum seekers are received in separate transit zones by the borders.

At at press briefing Wednesday, the leader of the Christian Democrat Party, Ebba Busch Thor, told reporters that Sweden can no longer cope with the situation and presented a range of proposals to address the situation.

"In the acute situation that we are in, we need to find ways to both lower the pressure on the reception system, but also increase our capacity to cope with the situation that we are already in," she told Swedish Television News.

The idea is to place the transit zones close to the main points of entry into the country, they will contain accommodation and be designed in a way as to 'stop the asylum seeker from absconding'. People who cannot prove their identity or who come from safe countries or who are waiting to find out about an asylum application in another EU-country should be swiftly turned away, according to Bush Thor.

"We think it is reasonable that a newly arrived person coming to Sweden is referred to an asylum application area, where it is possible to hand in your application. Those who clearly have no reason to stay in Sweden, who come from safe countries, who are the subject to a Dublin-case, shall then be rejected and told to leave the country," she said.

Earlier this week, the biggest opposition party, the Moderates proposed that also those who have not registered their asylum application in another EU-country should be sent back to the country where they last came from in the EU, but the Christian Democrat leader argues that it's hard to determine whether this is in accordance with the Dublin Agreement and with international conventions.

"We are open to try many routes to lower the pressure on Sweden, to reach a sustainable situation. But what we must focus on is to present proposals that we know are possible to implement and that uphold the right to seek asylum," Ebba Bush Thor told SVT.

The Christian Democrats are the smallest opposition party in parliament.

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