Third "daddy month" voted in by Parliament

Parliament narrowly voted on Wednesday (158-149) to redistribute parental leave days, increasing the share of time typically reserved for fathers from two months to three months.

How parents share the 17 months or 480 days of parental leave between them has long been the interest of researchers and policy makers. In 2002, Sweden reserved two months for each parent that could not be used by the other. So if the father did not take parental leave for two months, it would be forfeited. But, as of January 1, 2016, this will be upped to three months.

The vote in Parliament was passed by the governing Social Democrats and the Greens, with the help of the Left party and the Liberals, who are part of the Alliance opposition. The Center party, the Christian Democrats and the conservative Moderates, along with the Sweden Democrats, who voted against the bill.

The government believes the new law will help make the labor market more equal for women.