Löfven: "An attack against Paris is an attack on all of Europe"

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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven condemned the terrorist attacks which took place in Paris Friday night as "cowardly" and "wretched events", as police in Sweden announced that they were being extra watchful.

As of Monday morning, the death toll stood at at least 128 people - including one Swede - and 180 people injured, after a series of bloody attacks at six locations in Paris, according to AFP. 

During a press conference Saturday afternoon, Löfven said: "an attack against Paris is an attack against all of Europe."

He said, "We must stand up for open society and at the same time be resolute against extremism and terrorism."

Löfven also said the government was putting SEK 225 million towards efforts to combat terrorism.

Earlier in the day Löfven told Swedish Radio News that the terrorist events were directed against France but also against "all of us and our value as humans, both in Europe and around the world".

Löfven was among many Swedish political leaders to express condemnation against the attacks. 

Mikael Tofvesson, head of unit the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, underlined the need to stay calm, otherwise the terrorists would accomplish their goal. Speaking to news agency TT, he encouraged people in Sweden to be critical of what they read and see and not to spread rumors:

"When someone says something that seems spectacular and can create hatred or polarization in society, one has to ask themselves: where does the information come from, and is it really true – so that it doesn't play into the hands of the terrorists," he said.

The civil contingencies agency is also preparing for the possibility of helping France with medical treatment. Tofvesson said that if France should need anything, for example, "help with health care when it comes to transportation, because Sweden has advanced resources through the Swedish National Air Medevac, then we are prepared."