Photo: Marcus Lindblad / SVD / TT
File photo: Marcus Lindblad / SVD / TT

Explosion outside planned refugee accommodation

An explosion outside a facility slated to accommodate refugees, woke some Kalmar residents up in the middle of the night, reports Swedish Radio News. 

It was just after 1 AM when students who live on the upper floor of the building awoke to a bang. 

The explosion broke windows on the building and also of nearby cars, and the facade of the building was damanged. 

The police are waiting until the technical investigation has been carried out in order to determine the cause, but the case is currently being investigated as devastation endangering the public. But Calle Persson, the police's press spokesperson in Region Syd says that that's because no one was injured.

"If someone had passed by when the explosion occurred, that person could have been seriously injured," said Persson.

The explosion follows a number of suspected attacks on housing for refugees; several facilities have been set ablaze.

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