Astrid Lindgren's apartment opens window into her life

8:04 min

The former home of world-famous author Astrid Lindgren opened its doors to the public recently as a museum.

The four-room apartment in central Stockholm has been left the way it was when she lived there from 1941 until she died in 2002, and gives visitors insight into numerous stories concerning her private and professional life.

"She died almost 14 years ago and it's been more or less untouched since then. It has an air of the 1950s or 1960s about it," Kjell Bolund, chairman of the Astrid Lindgren Society and former colleague of Lindgren, tells Radio Sweden. Bolund is one of 15 guides who recently started to show the author's home, called Astrid Lindgrens Hem, to visitors.

To Lindgren, the home was a private area allowing time for reflection, silence and solitude, according to Bolund. It is where she read and wrote thousands of letters, as well as worked.

The initiative to open her apartment to the public was taken by her relatives in co-operation with the Astrid Lindgren Society. All the guides are volunteers, and the opening hours are restricted to advanced bookings, as the apartment is in a building where people still reside.

Public tours are run a couple of days each month. Tours are currently only available in Swedish.