Alfredson's new film: violent thriller with a touch of humour

7:09 min

Go With Me, the latest film by Swedish director Daniel Alfredson, is a dark thriller with a western touch.

Daniel Alfredsons latest film, which screened recently at the Stockholm International Film Festival, stars big Hollywood names including Anthony Hopkins and Ray Liotta, and tells the story of a young woman standing up against her violent stalker.

Set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the weather was a major challenge at the shooting, Alfredson told Radio Sweden.

"Because it's set over 24 hours, and you can't actually shoot a film in 24 hours, so one of the biggest challenges was actually the weather with the snow and everything around it. It had to be edited together to look like one day," he said.

Despite the gloomy setting and revenge being a central theme, the director claims the film has a touch of humor. Unfortunately, he said, there were no Swedish subtitles when the film was screened at the Stockholm International Film Festival. This meant that a lot of the humor went past the audience.

"You really have to subtitle this film for the Swedish audience. Otherwise you won't get it all. It's supposed to be set in Oregon and there's a lot of terminology around forestry and you won't get that unless you've read about it," he said.