"Government determined to take all neccessary steps to uphold order"

1:41 min

"The government takes the upgraded threat level very seriously," said the Minister for Home Affairs, Anders Ygeman.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Ygeman told reporters that police will increase its presence at "particularly intreresting events and objects", such as government buildings, media, religious building and public transport.

"We are determined to take all necessary steps to uphold order and security and safety in our country," he said.

Ygeman reminded of a range of legal changes underway, which are targeting the planning of terrorist acts. This includes stricter weapon laws, and a law that will make it more difficult to renew one's passport again and again. Another law, expected to be voted on in Parliament before Christmas, is a law that will criminalise the organising and financing and recruiting of people to go to join terror organisations abroad.

Asked if he had a message to the Swedish public, who may be worried following the increased threat level, Ygeman said:

"If people are worried, I understand their worry, but people should know that all possible actions to ensure order, safety and security are taken and if we let the fear that the terrorists want to bring about, if we let it take over, then the terrorists have won a first important step, so it is important not to back down to the terror."