Sweden continues terror suspect manhunt

Authorities in Sweden and Norway are searching for Mutar Muthanna Majid, who is suspected of plotting a terror attack in Europe after fighting for IS in Syria.

Security has been ramped up around "strategic objects" in Sweden, including the parliament in Stockholm, after the national threat level was raised to four on Wednesday and a manhunt got underway for Muthanna Majid, reportedly an Iraqi citizen who travelled from Iraq and Syria to Germany and then on to Sweden.

Muthanna Majid is thought to be involved in plans to carry out a terrorist attack in Europe and is also wanted in Norway.

According to information from a police source, tabloid Aftonbladet said on Thursday that the suspect is not alone, and has several helpers in Sweden, or who may be on their way to the country.  

"He may have ten people acting under his authority," according to the source.

On Thursday, several Swedish newspapers published a grainy photo of a smiling young man turning his head upwards. According to tabloid Expressen, the image came from the police and its meta data had been cleared so that it is not possible to determine when or where it was taken, but the man pictured is Muthanna Majid.

On Thursday morning, Swedish security service, Säpo, did not want to say whether the details published by Expressen and other media was the same information that had also gone out to Swedish police forces, but according to Expressen the photo was distributed to police, along with other information from Säpo about the terror suspect.

Tabloid Aftonbladet also reported that Muthanna Majid is an Iraqi citizen who has fought for IS in Syria, and according to Swedish Television News, he is around 25 years old and has some form of connection to Sweden.

Swedish police have ramped up security around key "strategic objects", including public transport, religious buildings, the parliament and media organisations.

Säpo has raised the national threat level from three to four on a five-grade scale and on Thursday, the Swedish Armed Forces raised the threat level, too.