Political pundits predict path of Swedish politics

1:25 min

Could the centre-right alliance split up within six months? And will the Social Democrats join forces with the conservative Moderates to deal with the refugee situation in Sweden? Maybe, according political columnists Anders Lindberg from Social Democrat tabloid Aftonbladet and Ivar Arpi from the right-leaning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

In this week's podcast we look at the changing face of Swedish politics and discuss how Sweden went from having an open border policy towards refugees to imposing temporary border controls in just a few weeks.

Radio Sweden asked both political pundits to make a bold prediction for what could happen in Swedish politics before next summer.

"I think the Alliance will split up and that it will create a more unpredictable political landscape, but I think the Alliance will be in complete shambles within a year," says Anders Lindberg.

"I think the Social Democrats and the Moderates will reach a deal when it comes to migration policies and it will make it more difficult for them to define themselves against the Sweden Democrats," says Ivar Arpi.