Do you take care of relatives abroad? Share your story with us!

An invisible, but growing, group of people are those taking care of family in another country. Many people have older relatives that require help outside of Sweden. Between 23 -26 November, Sisuradio, in collaboration with Radio Sweden, are collecting your stories about caring for family abroad using the hashtag #familjutomlands.

Have you experienced something similar? Do you get support or help with it? What sort of support would you like to get? Please share your stories and experiences with us. You're very welcome to do this anonymously.

Contact us:

On Twitter or Instagram: use #familjutomlands


The most important thing is that the stories get told, which is why we might change pieces of the material sent to us to protect the identity of the contributor. The material you send in might be published on our website, social media and/or be included in our podcast.