Liberal Party approves name change

Sweden's Liberal Party has changed its name in Swedish from "Folkpartiet" to "Liberalerna" after a vote on Sunday at the party's national congress, Swedish Radio News reports.

An absolute majority of party members voted in favor of the change and the governing board has announced a competition to choose the party's new logo. In the meantime, the party will keep using its classic cornflower, which is partially covered by the new party name in the temporary design.

According to an op-ed in Tuesday's Dagens Nyheter by party leader Jan Björklund, the proposed name change highlights the party's "political renewal and further emphasizes the party's liberal identity and values".

"We should be named what we are - liberals," Björklund wrote.

The name change in Swedish does not affect the English translation of the Liberal Party, since the new name "Liberalerna" literally means "the liberals".