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Yuan, whose mother lives in China. Photo: Ryan Tebo / Radio Sweden.

"In China, when children get older, they must take care of their parents"

"I miss her so much, and she misses me too."
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Yuan was born in China and is currently living in Sweden. She is an only child and thousands of kilometers separate her from her mother. 

"Everytime I think about her, I immediately start crying. I miss her so much, and she misses me too," Yuan tells Radio Sweden.

Her mother is still young and can take care of herself, but Yuan knows that in Chinese culture it is important to look out for the elderly in the family.

"In China, when children get older, they must take care of their parents. It's a basic behavior, it has nothing to do with the law. If they don't do it, other families will laugh at them, making them feel ashamed," she explains.

Yuan says she is working hard so that one day she can bring her mother to Sweden.

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