Work began Tuesday on the temporary tent camp for asylum seekers in Revinge, Skåne. Photo: Anton Kalm/SR
Work began Tuesday on the temporary tent camp for asylum seekers in Revinge, Skåne. Photo: Anton Kalm/Sveriges Radio

Work finally underway at Swedish tent camp for migrants

"This is a temporary solution"
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The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, began preparation work, Tuesday, on a temporary camp for migrants in Southern Sweden. The much delayed tented accommodation for around 200 people in Revinge will be ready inside a fortnight.

The MSB camp was due to be in place several weeks ago and the idea was for it to last for several months as a temporary solution to the problem in accommodating migrants and refugees. However, the plan was delayed after the municipal council in Lund said that a building permit was required for any camp lasting longer than a month.

Svante Werger, Director of Communications at MSB, tells Radio Sweden that the camp will be for just a month, while they look for better tents which will meet building laws.

"We thought we could build a camp that would last for several months as a temporary soloution to the housing crisis. But then after discussions with Lund municipality, we realised that we needed a permit to have the tents standing there for such a long time," he tells Radio Sweden.

"We realised that we needed to look at these tents as buildings and as such they are under laws on what they should look like etc. So we needed better tents, and we have prepared for that and sent a report to the Migration Agency. But at the same time, the situation in Skåne has become more critical so we thought we would do something temporary for a short time. We have tents in storage that we can put up quickly and that's what we are doing now." 

A more permanent solution will take weeks and the report will be passed from the Migration Agency to the government.

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