The small village of Boliden in northern Sweden which was shaken by last week's events. Photo:Linnea Hedelilja
The small village of Boliden in northern Sweden which was shaken by last week's events. Photo:Linnea Hedelilja

Innocent former terror suspect speaks out

"I want to start a normal life"
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After his arrest, the terrorist allegations and then release without charge,  Moder Muthanna Magid is back with friends in the small community of Boliden in northern Sweden. He told SVT News Västerbotten about the experience.

It was last Thursday that the 22-year-old  from Iraq was arrested at his apartment in Boliden. On the same day, his name and picture had been published in several media, as Sweden's Security police, Säpo, hunted what it called a suspected ISIS terrorist.

Säpo later received criticism over its arrest of Moder Muthanna Magid, who lived openly, with his name on his front door. His facebook page was also that of a normal 22-year-old. But the former terror suspect, now cleared of all suspicion, tells SVT News' reporter Robert Tedestedt, that he holds no ill feeling towards them.    

"I was never scared because I knew I was innocent. The police took care of me, they treated me well," he says in a tired voice, after several intense Days.

He has always denied the crime and all suspicions against him were dropped on Sunday when he was released.

He says that Säpo had offered him another residence in Sweden if he wanted to avoid going back to Boliden. But he tells SVT that the thought never crossed his mind.

"They said it could be dangerous to go back, but I said I could take care of myself," he says.

It was natural for him to return.

"I have my friends here and I want to start a normal life," he says.


He has been clear that he wants to appear in the media and give his account of what happened during the past week. Against this background, Radio Sweden has taken the decision to publish the interview on SVT news to allow him to give his story openly, with his own name but not his photograph.


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