The woman in the picture is not linked to the report. Photo: Leif R Jansson /TT.
The woman in the picture is not linked to the report. Photo: Leif R Jansson /TT.

EU migrant beggars exploited by criminals

Criminals are taking advantage of already vulnerable EU migrants by demanding payment for those places where they sit and beg. A new report presented by the police on Wednesday said that criminals were cashing in on the misery of others.

The national police operations department has found that in several locations, criminals claim to control several or all of an area's most lucrative spots for begging.

The report also documented cases where EU migrants' vulnerable situation had been exploited even worse, usually by criminals with the same nationality.

"Some criminal actors engaged in the trafficking of children for begging purposes, but also for theft and prostitution," the report said.

Last year, there were five police reports regarding human trafficking for the purpose of begging where the victim was under 18 years old.

The report stated that the majority of those who beg, do it without pressure from criminals and will freely go to to Sweden in groups consisting of family members, relatives or friends.

Commenting on the report, the head of intelligence with the police's national operations, Linda Staaf told the news agency TT that they judge that "most vulnerable EU-citizens who come to Sweden today do so voluntarily, without a criminal purpose". 


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