Photo: Tom Onslow-Cole /TT
Picture of the plane taken by one of the passenger's. Photo: Tom Onslow-Cole /TT.

No bomb found on grounded plane

After a search by explosive experts, police found no bomb on a plane grounded Friday morning at Gothenburg's Landvetter Airport.

A police spokesperson confirmed for news agency TT that there was nothing out of the ordinary on the plane.

The Scandinavian Airline's flight was on route from London to Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. News agency TT reported that the threat came to the pilot's attention just before 10 a.m., and the pilot decided to land the plane at Landvetter, Sweden's second largest airport.

The plane was evacuated and later taxied to a special area at the airport. Police cordoned off a 300-meter perimeter and prepared to investigate. The police estimated that a search of the plane could take several hours, and they planned to search luggage onboard the plane.

Police had evacuated the plane of its 72 passengers and suspended air traffic temporarily. Police said they would hold the passengers at Landvetter until they could finish searching the luggage on the plane.

Flight traffic was temporarily suspended, and delays were expected for flights scheduled during the day.

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