Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT
File photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT

Food control department suspects meat-labelling fraud

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Two Stockholm-based companies, Gothemsgården and Gotland K&D are suspected of having sold hundreds of tons of beef that were marketed as organic, Swedish beef, considered a luxury product, but which were in fact mixed with foreign meat.

According to Aftonbladet, the companies claim that what happened was a mistake, but Daniel Selin, the head of the food control department in Stockholm, which has been investigating the matter, is convinced that the companies were deliberately cheating.

Selin explains to Radio Sweden what his investigation has turned up: the companies share the same warehouse and one company buys organic Swedish meat, "but they are able to sell twice as much as they have bought," while the other company "is buying European foreign meat, and they can't really explain where they are selling it. It just disappears."

Selin told Radio Sweden that the meat was sold to stores and distributors, who in turn, sold the meat to schools and restaurants, and so on. "In our investigation, it turns out that these companies have been selling the products all over Sweden, from north to south, basically," Selin said.

It is not an issue of safety, however, according to Selin, but of mislabeling.

"Our aim was to shut down their businesses, but as of last Friday, it looks like both companies have declared bankruptcy, so they probably won't be doing any more business either way," Selin said.

Selin's department has turned over its information to the police for a criminal investigation.


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