Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT, KBV 001 Poseidon / Kustbevakningen
Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT, KBV 001 Poseidon / Kustbevakningen.

Gov looks for legal ways to EU for asylum seekers

The government wants to develop a proposal that would allow legal entry into the EU for asylum seekers, many of whom risk their lives on dangerous sea voyages or pay off callous smugglers in their search for refuge.

Green Party member Maria Ferm is set to investigate the matter, reports Swedish Radio News. The government will make a decision regarding her inquiry Thursday. The proposal would be the result of an agreement last fall between the minority government and the opposition, center-right parties.

Visas or entry permits may be alternatives for asylum seekers. Ferm indicated to Swedish Radio that the stakes are high for finding legal routes for entry.

"I will look into the preconditions for creating legal channels for entering the EU to seek asylum. Last year 3,700 people died. One-third were children," she said. "It is of course totally unacceptable that the situation continues."

Ferm's investigation will also consider the political disposition of EU countries and EU institutions that would be involved in implementing legal routes for entry. Her investigation is expected to take two years in total.

Despite the prospect that dangerous sea voyages would continue to be a problem during that time, Ferm said it was important in this matter to be thorough.

"Because of legal certainty, it's important that the investigation takes time and is thorough," she said.

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