Saabs former CEO Åke Svensson. Photo: Fredrik Persson / TT.
Saabs former CEO Åke Svensson. Photo: Fredrik Persson / TT.

No contact with prosecutors over bribery allegations, Saab says

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Neither Saab nor their former CEO Åke Svensson has been contacted by Brazilian authorities regarding an investigation into whether or not bribes were paid in the country's $5.4 billion purchase of 36 Gripen fighter planes from the Swedish company.

Prosecutors in Brazil have said they suspect that the son of the country's former president Lula da Silva received more than SEK 5 million in bribes from a lobbyist, who acted on Saab's behalf.

In a document found at the lobbyist's home, it says he tried to arrange a meeting between Svensson and da Silva in the summer of 2009.

Svensson tells Swedish Radio News that there was never a meeting between him and the president, although they tried to arrange one.

"We wanted to present our offer," Svensson said, adding that he has not been contacted by prosecutors.

Svensson said no bribes were paid under his tenure and that the company works hard to ensure that such a thing does not happen.

Saab's press officer Sebastian Carlsson said the company also hasn't had any contact with prosecutors.

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