Sara Stenholm
Sara Stenholm will host Swedish Radio's podcast covering the American presidential election.

Swedish Radio launches USA presidential election podcast

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On Wednesday, Swedish Radio is premiering a podcast about the presidential elections in the US. 

A new episode will come out every Wednesday through the election in November, and Sara Stenholm, who has previously been a Swedish Radio foreign correspondent in New York, is hosting the show, which will feature discussions with Swedish Radio's reporters and correspondents, and others.

Stenholm told Radio Sweden that many people in Sweden are fascinated by the American elections.

"I think it's because they're so different from the Swedish elections where we just go to the booth and cast our vote in an envelope. I mean the Iowa caucus is the opposite to secret election, and I think that's fascinating, and I think all this money that the election involves, that's a fascinating thing," Stenholm told Radio Sweden.

She also said that this election could turn on its head the image that many Swedes may have of what characterizes an American President.

"There's a woman candidate, there's an in-part spectacular candidate in Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz is a very interesting candidate for us, and all of a sudden you have a socialist. It's very interesting this year, I think," Stenholm said.

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