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Poto: Daniel Wåckner/Sveriges Radio.

Fourteen arrested for planning attack on asylum centre

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A group of 14 people, armed with axes and iron bars, were arrested Monday night suspected of planing an attack against an asylum centre in Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm. 

Police tell Swedish Radio News that they had received multiple tips from the general public that there was going to be some kind of attack on the asylum centre and decided to check both trains and cars heading in that direction.

The suspects, who are all Polish citizens, were pulled over and arrested for having weapons such as iron bars and axes in their cars. Police say that they have given various reasons as to why they had weapons in their cars, but that they all deny planning an attack.

A few of the suspects live in Sweden permanently while others were only here visiting, says Lars Alvarsjö, police officer in southern Stockholm.

"They are Polish citizens, and seem to be part of the far-right scene. Three of them were involved in a demonstration against refugees two weeks ago and were arrested for assaulting someone on Hamngatan," Alvarsjö says.

The suspects are believed to have discussed the attack on Facebook, and Swedish Television reports that they may have planned some kind of retaliation for a previous altercation on a commuter train.

Varg Gyllander, police spokesman in Stockholm, tells Radio Sweden that the investigation is still ongoing and that there are many details that are uncertain.

"I have heard that they had links to far-right groups as well, but according to the prosecutor we can't confirm that as of today," Gyllander says.

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