En person som åker långfärdsskridskor.
Experience and proper equipment does not always help if you fall through the ice. Photo: Lars Pehrson/TT Foto: Lars Pehrson/SvD/TT

Skaters warned of dangerously thin lake ice

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The national lifesaving association urges Swedes in southern and central parts of the country to stay off the ice.

The number of Swedes who die each year from falling through the ice varies a lot. In 2014, 16 skaters drowned compared to only five last year. This year, however, is not off to a good start as nine people have died in just five weeks.

Anders Wernesten, at the Swedish Lifesaving Association, says that the ices are treacherous right now and urges people in southern and central Sweden to stay on land for the time being.

"There is much open water on the lakes in Sweden right now, and what ice there is looks really thin. It melts really fast in this mild weather;" Wernesten says.

According Wernesten, most of the victims have been experienced skaters and a majority were seniors. He stresses the importance of checking how thick the ice is before you step out on it. 

"The ice is not safe anywhere in Sweden right now, so we recommend that you make sure that the ice is at least 10 centimeters thick before you head out," Wernesten tells Radio Sweden.

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