Photo: Ingvar Karmhed /TT.
Photo: Ingvar Karmhed /TT. Credit: Photo: Ingvar Karmhed /TT.

Increased security at refugee reception centres

Suspects deny any wrongdoing
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Police continue to interview the 14 people arrested on Monday, suspected of planning an attack on a refugee reception center. Meanwhile, the Migration Agency increases security around all refugee housing in the Stockholm region.

News agency TT reports that one of those arrested, a 22 -year-old Polish national, claims that he was just an ordinary tourist visiting Sweden.

"My client denies (any wrongdoing). His intention was tourism," lawyer Peter Anderson told TT. Andersson has been assigned to the 22-year-old as a public defender.

The 14 suspects were arrested close to a a refugee reception centre in Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, and in their cars, police found clubs, knives, iron bars and axes.

Another suspect, is a 33-year-old man from Ukraine. His laywer Anne Alenius tells TT that "he denied having done anything".

All 14 are suspected of preparing aggravated assault, according to prosecutor Sara Friedman. But apart from that, she is not saying much about the case.

"We are working on several fronts in this investigation, we'll see what that leads to," she told TT.

The men are born between 1975 and 1998. According to the police, some of them live and work in Sweden, others are here temporarily. According to prosecutor Friedman, most of them are Polish nationals, but she does not want to confirm earlier information from the police that the men are from extreme right circles.

Previously, police have said that three of those arrested are also suspected of the assault that took place after an anti-immigration demonstration in Stockholm in the end of January. These men are all 22 years of age.

The suspicion that the men had planned an attack in Nynäshamn has lead the Migration Agency to increase security at all the refugee centres in the Stockholm area. The are more than 20 of them.

"I want to improve security, both for those staying with us and for our staff, until we know what the police investigation shows," said the Migration Agency's head of security Monica Karum Bergvall.

According to the anti-racism foundation Expo, there is a close co-operation between the extreme right in Poland and in Sweden. For example, there were members of the Swedish extreme-right organisation Nordic Youth taking part in a nationalist demonstration in Poland in support of the recent changes in the country's media laws. And there were Polish nationalists taking part in the anti-immigration demonstration in Sweden at the end of last month.

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