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Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson and Education Minister Gustav Fridolin. Photo: Erik Nylander/TT Credit: Erik Nylander/TT

Fast track created for newly arrived teachers

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In order to provide employment for immigrants and to plug holes in the Swedish labor force, the government announced plans to create a fast-track for newly-arrived teachers.

Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson presented the plans at a press conference held at Stockholm University Thursday. She said the government hopes to reduce the time between arrival and employment from four years to one year.

To that end the government wants to help create jobs and internships for those newly arrived who have studied in their country of origin to work at schools or preschools. Meanwhile it will help employers train those hirees for the Swedish workplace.

Swedish Radio news reported that the government wants to provide internships for newcomers while they learn Swedish and take supplementary classes required to gain a full teacher's certification.

Fast-tracks programs already exist for chefs, butchers, and certain healthcare professions according to a press release from the government.

Minister Johansson told Swedish Radio news that the program would expand next year.

"We're starting with 420 placements at six teacher programs and an additional 720 spots next year. We expect to shorten wait times substantially. It's taken on average four years for newly arrived teachers to get jobs. We hope to get to one year."

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