Photo: Daniel Sjöholm
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Apartment building in Ljusne. Photo: Daniel Sjöholm Credit: Daniel Sjöholm
Photo: Daniel Sjöholm
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Apartment building in Ljusne. Photo: Daniel Sjöholm Credit: Daniel Sjöholm

One death, arrests at asylum center

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One person was killed and three injured during a fight Saturday at an asylum accommodation in Ljusne, a small town on the east coast about 200 kilometers north of Stockholm. Police arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of murder and arrested several others in connection with the fight.

The fight occurred in an apartment building in the center of town. Swedish Radio news reported that the Migration Agency rents apartments there to serve as asylum accommodations. Police say that those who were involved in the incident were "younger asylum seekers," many in their 20s.

News agency TT reported that the victim was also 20-years-old and a resident of Söderhamn, a nearby town. He and a group of people traveled to Ljusne, and a police spokesperson told TT that the lead investigator believes all those involved had the same nationality.

The victim, who police say was stabbed, died en route to the hospital in Hudiksvall. During the evening police raided an apartment in the building and detained three others for questioning.

Lars Ulander, head of the Migration Agency's office in Gävleborg County, told Swedish Radio's local channel in Gävleborg that there are no personnel working at the accommodation in Ljusne.

"We haven't had any problems like this in the past. Maybe some small fights, but nothing like this," said Ulander.

Ulander told Swedish Radio news that they are in close contact with the police and security companies and can arrange for extra security if need be.

"I suspect there is shock, anxiety, and feelings of insecurity among the asylum seekers after the event," he said. "That's understandable because this isn't something anyone expected. We have staff there now to speak with residents to figure out if they need more security. We're ready to strengthen our presence there. We can get the help of patrols in the area of either police or security guard companies."

The 100 or so asylum seekers living at the residence in Ljusne all live in their own apartments. One of the asylum seekers told Swedish Radio news that it feels unsafe there.

TT reported that a local media outlet,, had spoken with a witness who said it took 30 minutes after they were called for the police to arrive at the scene.

On an official visit to India, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven commented on the murder saying that security at asylum accommodations was vital.

"We must ensure that there is security at asylum accommodations. We may need, in some situations, to tighten the security at some places. The security issue is important," said Löfven to TT.

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