Stefan Löfven and David Cameron. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP
Stefan Löfven and David Cameron. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP

Sweden supports the UK's new EU deal

The Swedish government is prepared to vote in favour of the new terms that the UK has negotiated with the EU, even though it may leave people from other EU-countries in a worse position on the UK labour market.

"What is introduced is a possibility to dispute it, if the welfare systems are seriously damaged or in another way damages the labour market. So what is being proposed is in no way an automatic right for a country to do this," Löfven told Swedish Radio News.

Asked if it means that he is prepared to pay this prise - also in the longer perspective - in order to keep the UK in the EU, Löfven said "well, no-one has mentioned anything about the time-frame. That remains to be discussed. But we are in a situation where we get to choose if we keep the EU intact as it is, or we risk that one country leaves," Löfven said.

"We really do not need a weaker EU now. We need a stronger EU and the compromises that have been reached (...) I believe are of the kind that we now can move on and make sure that the UK remains in the EU," he said.

By agreeing to the deal cut between the UK and the EU commission, Löfven and his government accepts that not all Eu-citizens are treated equally on the British labour market for a certain number of years, Swedish Radio News reports. On Wednesday, Löfven told the parliamentary EU committee that he wants this exception to be in place for as short a period as possible, but noted that it is not impossible that it would be in place significantly longer than Sweden would want.

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