Foto: Polisen.
Left, the "bunker" in which a Stockholm doctor held a woman. And the rubber mask he obtained for a disguise. Credit: Polisen

Ten years for doctor who abducted and held woman in bunker

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The District Court in Stockholm has sentenced a middle-aged doctor to ten years in jail for drugging a woman and locking her up in a 'bunker' in his yard.

The man had admitted to kidnapping the woman but denied the charges of aggravated rape, of which he was acquitted for lack of evidence.

The man first met with the woman in September last year and arranged to have dinner with her at her home a few days later. Before meeting her, the doctor prepared the abduction by mixing powerful sedatives into chocholate-covered strawberries, which the woman later ate. The doctor had also obtained a wheelchair to transport the sedated woman and two rubber masks to disguise them as an older pair by which he hoped to avoid raising suspicion.

After the woman was sedated, the doctor inserted an intravenous line into her arm to keep her sleeping. The prosecutor claims that the man then raped her. The man denied the charge of rape, and the court acquitted him on charges of aggravated rape.

Afterwards the man was accused of driving the unconscious woman to his property in northeastern Skåne. There the man kept the woman inside of a bunker with metal doors, which he had constructed inside of a wooden building on the property.

The man held the woman in the bunker for a week and threatened to chain her and feed her only knäckebröd (crispbread) if she tried to escape.

With the woman detained in Skåne the doctor returned to Stockholm where he learned that the police were searching for her. Frightened, the man decided to drive the woman to Stockholm's central police station in Kungsholmen to assure the police that she was safe, but the police became suspicious and arrested the man.

"We're very pleased, my client and I, that he was acquitted from this alleged rape, a crime that wasn't committed. It's difficult today to say what we should think about the sentence. That's a long punishment, 10 years in prison, a very long sentence. There aren't any comparable court cases. There are cases of kidnapping and extortion. Of what I've seen I think the sentence is a little long. The district court also hasn't understood how mentally ill my client is," said the defense lawyer Mari Schaub speaking with Swedish Radio's local channel in Stockholm.

Jens Högström, the attorney representing the woman who was abducted, said his client was unhappy about the verdict and sentence and that she might consider appealing the decision.

"The spontaneous feeling is that she's disappointed, partly because the accused is being acquitted of rape. Then also that her understanding and my understanding is that the prison sentence is at the lower edge for kidnapping," said Högström.

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