Arbetsmarknadsminister Ylva Johansson. Foto: TT.
Labour Market Minister Ylva Johansson. Photo: TT.

Labour Market Minister to be responsible for integration

1:37 min

In an effort to better receive immigrants, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has decided to give Labour Market Minister Ylva Johansson a wider mandate, making her responsible for improving and coordinating the integration of immigrants.

Johansson's new position will give her the power to operate in areas that fall under the auspices of other government ministries, like housing and education, but she says that she does not intend to run over her fellow ministers.

"I don't see a need to run over anyone, but it is my job to ensure that what needs to be done actually gets done," Johansson tells Swedish Radio News.

Johansson says that she will propose ideas to other ministers, but that it will ultimately be their responsibility to consider and implement them.

Johansson will not, however, be named the Minister for Integration, nor will the government create a new ministry tasked with integrating immigrants. The government has previously been criticised for not having a minister dedicated to integration, and this move could be seen as a minor concession to that criticism, says Swedish Radio's political commentator, Fredrik Furtenbach.

"This is not a very dramatic change to the government. There has been a debate whether the government needs to shuffle around some of its ministers to improve its figures in the polls or not, and I think there's a risk that the people who have argued for this change will be disappointed by this very small move," Furtenbach says.

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