Delad bild: Landsbygdsminister Sven-Erik Bucht samt ett stycke kött. Foto: TT.
Credit: Sven-Erik Bucht is the minister for the countryside. Photo: TT

Swedish minister U-turn: meat is bad for the climate

1:10 min

The Swedish minister for "rural affairs" now says meat is bad for the environment.

On Tuesday evening in a Riksdag debate Sven-Erik Bucht said "it would be better for the environment if we ate less meat", but underlined that the government does not want to force people to change their consumption, but instead hopes to give them the information that allows them to make their minds up.

A few weeks ago Swedish Radio asked Sven-Erik Bucht, of the Social Democrats, what plans the government had to deal with the climate emissions caused by meat. He said back then that he saw no problem with meat eating, and he was not able to say whether meat consumption was rising or falling in Sweden.

His opponent in the Riksdag debate was Jens Holm, of the Left Party, who wants to see the red-green government take action on meat emissions, just like it acts on car emissions.

The meat industry is responsible for almost a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. In Sweden that proportion rises to a quarter, with meat making up the biggest part, according to the Agricultural Agency, Jordbruksverket.

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