16-årig flicka är fritagen från IS och är hemma i Sverige igen Foto: Office of The Chancellor Kurdistan Region Security Council
Photo: Office of The Chancellor Kurdistan Region Security Council

Teenager rescued from ISIS returns to Sweden

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The teenage girl from Sweden who was rescued from IS militants by Kurdish forces in northern Iraq last week has now returned home, according to Sweden's Foreign Ministry.

"We can confirm that the underage citizen is back in Sweden, which of course is good news," says Veronica Nord at the Foreign Ministry.

British daily The Guardian reported that the teenager was born to a Swedish family in south-west Sweden but that she grew up in a foster home in the Gothenburg area. She met and began dating a 19-year-old north African refugee who started to talk about IS with her and show her videos. The man asked the young woman to move to Syria, and she agreed.

When the couple left Sweden the woman was likely pregnant. The girl would have given birth to a child while in captivity, but what happened to the baby or if it has come home to Sweden with the girl is still unclear, reports Swedish Radio news.

The couple travelled through Europe by train and bus until the reached the Turkish border where they were picked up by members of ISIS and driven to one of the group's strongholds, Mosul, in northern Iraq, reports Swedish Radio News.

Once in Syria, she contacted her parents to let them know that her boyfriend had gone to training camp for a terrorist organisation with ties to Al-Qaeda. The girl was left alone in an apartment in Syria and told her parents that she regretted going and that she wanted to go back to Sweden.

A few months later, in August, the couple was allegedly captured by ISIS and moved to northern Iraq. Then last week, the girl was rescued by Kurdish forces and Kurdish authorities have since worked together with Swedish authorities to have her returned safely to Sweden.

The Guardian reported that around 300 Swedes have traveled to the Middle East to fight with extremists, and that makes Sweden second only to Belgium for European countries producing jihadists.

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