The homes would be prefab "modulhus". Photo: Junior Living.
The homes would be prefab "modulhus". Photo: Junior Living. Credit: Junior Living.

Stockholm prepares to build blocks of emergency refugee housing

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Blocks of housing for 4,000 refugees will be built across Stockholm, and the local government tells Svenska Dagbladet that all areas will have to offer land.

Councillor Anna Margarethe Livh from the Left Party says that even wealthy Östermalm can expect to see prefab housing built on empty land.

A new order from the government means local councils cannot use lack of housing as a reason to refuse to accept refugees. Instead they will have to find the space - and Stockholm city plans to deal with the emergency situation by building 4,000 new dwellings in the next few years.

They will be prefab housing, two to three stories high, and will be built in large numbers amounting to entire city blocks, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

The housing will be built to have a lifespan of seven to nine years, and house people for two to three years at a time, says city council coordinator Lena Karlsson to Svenska Dagbladet. The aim is for these homes to be a stepping stone into the regular housing market.

Councillor Anna Margarethe Livh says they do not want to reveal any of the potential locations for the new buildings yet, so that the project is seen as fair.

Speaking to Svenska Dagbladet, Lena Karlsson says "the area around Bromma is interesting" although because of noise levels, they cannot build too close to the airport. She confirms that they are talking to the body that oversees large parks in the centre of Stockholm, Kungliga Djurgårdsförvaltningen.

Prefab housing for around a billion kronor will need to be bought, and Stockholm city's housing company Stockholmshem is holding a bidding process.

Karin Stener at Stockholmshem writes in an email to Radio Sweden that the deadline for tender has just ended, but they have no new information yet.

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