Social Democrats and Moderates in the NOVUS poll of polls February 2016
Social Democrats and Moderates in the NOVUS poll of polls February 2016 Credit: Novus

Moderates ahead of Social Democrats in poll of polls

In a poll of polls, more people say they would vote for the opposition conservative Moderate party than for the Social Democrats that are currently in government.

This is the second month in a row that the poll of polls show that the Social Democrats are favoured by less than 25 percent of those polled. The poll weighs together the results from several bigger polls that were carried out during the month of February and is based on over 5700 interviews.

The difference between the two biggest party is small, with the Moderates on 25.3 percent and the Social Democrats on 24.5. But the polls shows a clear upward trend for the Moderates. The party secretary Tomas Tobé tells Swedish Radio News that he believes it is because of the party's new policy on immigration.

"More people are supporting the Moderates because Sweden needs a temporary refugee break and we need to get the economy in order, and more simple jobs for people," he said.

Asked if the party is getting back voters who previously abandoned them for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, Tobé agreed.

"Yes. The Moderates have taken a grip on the immigration issue, and I also believe many feel that the Moderates are a more capable of governing than the Sweden Democrats," he said.

The Sweden Democrats have steadily increased in the polls up until last month. This time around their support is going down further, from 18.9 to 17.9. The party remains the third biggest in parliament.

"it has been a challenging year, where we have not managed to get focus on our issues, which means the unemployment, improving the schools and also improving the welfare for everybody," said the Social Democrat party secreatry Carin Jämtin.

She says she hopes to reverse the downward trend by "creating change in reality" and go ahead and remove the time-limit in the health care insurance.

"But more than anything we will make sure the labour market improves and more people get a job," she said.

In the other parties, the Christian Democrats get 3,5 percent in the poll and have been below the 4 percent threshold to get into parliament for a year now.

Meanwhile, the Left Party is going up from 6.8 percent to 7.4 percent. Other parties hardly move at all in this poll.

The four parties in the opposition alliance is now 4 percentage points bigger than the government coalition together with the Left Party that has supported their budget. But the down-ward trend for the three centre-left parties has been stopped and there is a slight upward curve, from 37.3 percent to 37.7 percent.

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