Försvarsminister Peter Hultqvist (S).
Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist. Foto: Jessica Gow/TT.

Gov't: Nato agreement won't bring nuclear weapons to Sweden

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Nato members will not be allowed to transport or bring nuclear weapons into Sweden even during times of war and conflict, according to a draft bill that the government presented to the Council on Legislation Monday. The draft bill also concluded that Sweden's position as a non-aligned country is not affected by the host nation support agreement with the military alliance.

Sweden signed a so-called host nation support agreement with Nato in 2014. The agreement allows Nato members to transport soldiers through Sweden in peacetimes and makes it easier for Nato troops to take part in military exercises in Sweden. The government, however, proposes that the current agreement should be amended to allow member states to transport troops and carry out military exercises also in times of war and conflict.

Critics fear that this would mean that Nato members could transport nuclear weapons through Sweden, but Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist tells Swedish Radio News that the government now has clarified that 'nuclear weapons are not to be placed on Swedish ground'.

"I'm under the impression that other member states respect this demand. There will not be any nuclear weapons on Swedish territory," Hultqvist says.

The government underscores that Sweden has to approve each time a member state wants to deploy troops on Swedish soil, but the country will not demand to inspect Nato ships for nuclear weapons.

The draft bill also includes amendments to the host nation support agreement which will bring down the administrative work to bring Nato troops to Sweden, reports Swedish Radio News.

Parliament is expected to vote on the bill later this spring, and if passed the changes will come into effect on July 1st.

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