Tingsrätten i Hudiksvall. Foto: Emelie Rosén/Sveriges Radio.
The district court in Hudiksvall. No one was convicted of creating the folder or uploading it. Photo: Emelie Rosén/Sveriges Radio. Credit: Photo: Emelie Rosén/Sveriges Radio.

Prosecutor handling nude child photos case was a sex offender

6:43 min

Swedish Radio News has revealed that a Gävleborg prosecutor, now serving time for child rape, handled sensitive investigations involving children and youth.

One of the cases the prosecutor investigated concerned "Hudikmappen", or "the Hudik folder", a collection of digital photographs of nearly 30 naked teenaged girls in Hudiksvall, that wound up online in 2012, against the girls' will, and was shared widely.

"No one was charged for putting it online," Emelie Rosén, the reporter covering the story, told Radio Sweden. One person was charged and convicted, but only for forwarding the photos in the case of two girls, to another person.

Swedish Radio News reports that the prosecutor who handled the cases for a time was the prosecutor in Gävle who, last fall, was convicted of sexual molestation and child rape. Patrik Säflund, however, the prosecutor's boss, told Swedish Radio News that the now-convicted prosecutor did not handle any sensitive cases. After Swedish Radio News brought up the case of the Hudik folder, he said that the prosecutor had mostly handled less sensitive crimes, but that there were other cases as well - but "not to any large extent."

Swedish Radio News found that there were several problems with how the Hudik folder cases were handled. For example, the police dawdled when it came to asking for the IP address that could have shown who had uploaded the folder to the Internet, in the first place. Authorities also failed to follow up on tips about where the folder had been shared online.

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