Migrants arriving in Malmö, southern Sweden.
Migrants arriving in Malmö, southern Sweden. Credit: Johan Nilsson / TT.

Is Sweden going in reverse on its refugee policy?

"It will be much more difficult to get a permanent residency"
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Sweden is considering enacting stricter asylum rules which experts warn would make getting permanent residency and reuniting family members much more difficult.

After welcoming some 163,000 refugees last year, the most per capita in Europe, Sweden is now trying to push through legislation that would make seeking asylum here much more difficult.

In the latest episode of Radio Sweden Weekly, we look at the nation's evolving refugee policy, how it's changed and what it means for asylum seekers and activists alike.

One expert we speak with is Erica Molin, operations manager at the Swedish Refugee Advice Center in Stockholm. She says the proposal rules would represent a radical change for this Nordic nation.

"They are looking to reduce the number of asylum seekers," she says of the legislation. "It will be much more difficult to get a permanent residency."

Along with the tougher laws, the government has taken other steps to lower the number of asylum seekers coming here. Sweden, along with other European countries, has temporarily reintroduced identity checks at its borders. On Thursday, the government decided once again to prolong its border controls until April 8. 

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