The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/TT
The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/TT.

Defence authority criticised for 'wasting money' on consultants

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A quarter of the roughly SEK 16 billion that the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration sets aside for munitions and weapons maintenance each year does not go to buying new weapons or ammunition, but to covering overhead expenses and consulting fees, according to the National Financial Management Authority.

"These are very large sums of money. It is not reasonable that so much of the annual budget goes to covering overhead expenses," Mikael Oscarsson, Defence spokesperson for the Christian Democrats, tells Swedish Radio News.

The Defence Materiel Administration is responsible for providing the Armed Forces with gear and munitions as well as maintaining weapons. But a quarter of its annual budget never leaves the authority and SEK 2 billion a year is spent on consulting fees, according to the national financial management authority, which is tasked with ensuring that government spending is cost-effective.

Allan Widman, the chair of the defence committee, says that it is unacceptable that only three quarters of the budget actually goes to buying in gear and munitions to the Armed Forces.

"Yes, the Defence Materiel Administration has a monopoly and that has enabled the authority to take certain liberties," Widman says.

The government has now launched an investigation to review how these purchases should be handled in the future.

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