The CEO of Allbright, Amanda Lundeteg. Photo: Brett Ascarelli/SR
The CEO of Allbright, Amanda Lundeteg. Photo: Brett Ascarelli/SR Credit: Brett Ascarelli/SR

Gender equality growing among Swedish managers

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A non-profit foundation tracking the gender balance of Sweden's companies says equality is getting closer, but is still decades away.

Amanda Lundeteg, CEO of the Allbright Foundation, says to Radio Sweden that during the last year the amount of women in stock-exchange listed company management has increased by 20 percent.

Allbright publishes a report on Swedish executive management every year. This is their fifth. The first report suggested that a basic 40/60 female-male split would be achieved by 2063, but now it looks closer to 2040.

"The pace is now moving faster", CEO Amanda Lundeteg says to Radio

"The debate is much more intense now, compared to when we first started doing the report. Attitudes have changed, and we now have the legislation regarding boardrooms, which has also affected the debate, not just boardrooms."

Allbright says that more mixed companies are not just more just, but also operate better.

"It is real progress, but it is too low. It is about men tending to promote other men," says Amanda Lundeteg.

"We have a so-called 'Anders cycle' in the business sector. Anders is the most common name within management teams, it's also the most common name within boardrooms, so Anders promotes Anders who promotes Anders. It is easy to promote someone who reminds you of you," she says to Radio Sweden.

"If I don't see another black woman being CEO, then I don't think it's possible for me."

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