Foto. Marja Påve/ Sameradion
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A map and photograph showing the crash site. Photo. Marja Påve/ Sameradion
Foto: Knut Haarvik/NRK Nordland
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Investigators combing the debris at the crash site. Photo: Knut Haarvik/NRK Nordland

Investigators: cause of plane crash still unclear

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Swedish accident investigators are still searching for answers as to why a cargo plane carrying mail crashed in a remote area of Sweden's arctic north.

Officials with the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority said on Wednesday that the flight was perfectly normal for the first hour and 10 minutes. 

The crew, however, reacted to something that was wrong and turned off the plane's autopilot function. Then, an alarm sounded and the plane's nose was tilted downwards and the engines' oil pressure dropped as the plane increased speed moments before the Canadair CRJ 200 aircraft smashed into the ground.

The plane went down in the mountains of Swedish Lappland, about 200 km northwest of the town of Gällivare.

"The crew was active during the entire event. The dialogue between the pilots consisted mainly of different perceptions regarding turn directions. They also expressed the need to climb," the interim report read.

The two-man crew sent a mayday call shortly after midnight on January 8 and the aircraft disappeared from radar screens roughly at the same time. Both men, one from Spain and the other from France, died in the crash.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority was able to recover the aircraft's two black boxes, which record audio in the cockpit as well as technical data from the flight.

The agency also reviewed radio chatter and video from the plane's refueling at the airport in Gardermoen, just outside of Oslo, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

A final report on the accident should be out in December, the authority's deputy director general Jonas Bäckstrand said.


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