Kontorslandskap med människor som arbetar vid dataskärmar i stressig miljö. Foto: Bertil Ericson/SCANPIX
Employers must do more to make workplaces more healthy. Credit: Bertil Ericson/TT.

Provisions put bosses in charge of fighting job-related illnesses

"You have to make it possible for employers and employees to meet"
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Employers in Sweden will have more responsibility to prevent work-related illnesses, according to new provisions from the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The provisions will be added to the law governing work environments to help clarify what bosses and companies need to do to reduce the risk of people becoming sick due to their jobs.

Employers, along with their managers and supervisors, must see to it that employees are given healthy workloads, reasonable working hours and not victims of abuse from co-workers or management.

The provisions will come into effect at the end of the month.

"There will more clarity on what the employer has to attend to," Torsten Heinberg, who consulted with the Work Environment Authority about the new provisions, told Radio Sweden.

He said the provisions are preventive in nature and focus on the physical work environment as well as the social conditions for employees. Heinberg added that employers will be expected to meet and talk more with staff about problems or stress at work.

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