File photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

Police want to reinforce terrorism response unit

"We deem it necessary"
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The police need about a hundred more officers to fill out its special operations unit, intended to be prepared at all times to respond to serious situations, including terrorism and the taking of hostages.

The information that the police need more officers comes from budget figures that they have sent to the government, according to Swedish Radio News.

"We deem it necessary to increase the number of police in the national task force concept, in order to have a higher capacity to quickly parry an impending terrorist attack, or one that is in progress, in Sweden," Stefan Hector, who is responsible for the national task force, told SR News.

In December, the government and the opposition tasked the police with making sure that the special force could act against terrorism attacks in more than one place at the same time.

Hector said that the police need about a hundred more officers in order to be able to intervene in two places at once, or to be able to reduce their response time. However, he would not say how many officers are currently part of the national task force.

Earlier this year, the National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, asked for an additional SEK 3.9 billion for the period between 2017 and 2019, saying that through 2020, 2,000 police officers were needed, as well as 1,300 civilian police. The Swedish government offices are reviewing the issue now.

"We shall discuss it with the police in the budget dialog that we're holding now. But I have been clear that if the situation that has been extremely strained for the police becomes chronic, then the police also must be given further resources," Home Affairs Minister Anders Ygeman said.

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