Rock band Kent will say "farväl" to its fans at the end of this year.
Rock band Kent will say "farväl" to its fans at the end of this year. Credit: Peter Gehrke

Swedish rockers Kent announce their swan song

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Fans of the Swedish alt-rock band Kent reacted in dismay on Monday when the group announced that this year would see the release of its final album and final tour.

The band broke the news in a nearly three-minute-long video on their website featuring a drummer walking through Stockholm with her face painted to look like a human skull.

At the end of the video a white cross appears on the screen with the dates May 16, 1990 (the band formed in 1990) and December 17, 2016, the date for Kent's final show, scheduled in Stockholm.

The band also issued a statement on their website, reading "We are a family. For family, we do everything. We 4 will be Kent. Then as now, and forever."

On social media, fans of the popular group pleaded with it to reconsider ending its 26-year career.

"NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T STOP?!?!?!?", wrote one user, according to newspaper Expressen, while another said, "I'm crying like a little baby. This can't be true."

Kent's spokesperson told news agency TT that the band members declined to comment on the news.

Their twelfth studio album "Då Som Nu För Alltid" - or Then as Now, and Forever - will be released on May 20.

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