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Moderates against instituting minimum wage laws

"We won't reach an agreement on this"
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The leader of the conservative Moderate Party, Anna Kinberg Batra, says that the party will not use legislation to bring down the country's minimum wage if the centre-right alliance wins the next election in 2018.

Today, Sweden has no legal minimum wage. Wages are instead set by collective bargaining agreements between employers and unions by sector or industry. However, several parties are now willing to change this model in an attempt to create more low-paying jobs for new arrivals and youths, who may be unskilled. Three out of four parties within the centre-right alliance may be willing to go as far as to set a legal minimum wage, according to Swedish Radio News.

But the largest party in the Alliance, the Moderate Party, has now clarified that the party opposes introducing legislation on minimum wage, thereby killing the idea, at least for now.

"A government led by the Moderate Party will not use legislation to lower the minimum wage, the parties within the Alliance won't reach an agreement on this. However, we do all agree that Sweden needs more ways for people to get a foot in the door on the labour market and that is has to be easier to land your first job," Kinberg Batra says.

Kinberg Batra argues that lowering the minimum wage is focusing on the wrong things.

"Sweden's biggest problem is that so many people feel left out and don't even get that first job, that's the problem that needs solving," Kinberg Batra says.

Swedish Radio's political commentator Fredrik Furtenbach says that conservatives are also concerned that if they set a minimum wage by law, that could lead a Social-Democrat-led government to later raise that minimum wage.

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