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A bussload of asylum seekers arriving in Malmö in November. Photo: Drago Prvulovic / TT.

Poll finds strong support for Sweden's tougher asylum rules

A recent poll shows strong public support for the Swedish government's proposal to tighten its asylum policy with nearly 70 percent saying that the draft legislation is a good thing.

Polling institute Novus carried out the survey for Swedish Television News. Novus asked 1,019 people age 18 to 79 via a web panel about what they think of the proposals for stricter asylum rules.

The survey found that 69 percent of respondents think the suggested changes are fairly or very good, while 22 percent said they are somewhat or very bad.

Among those who think the proposal is a good thing, the most common reasons why are that "we can not appropriately help more asylum seekers" and that "Swedish welfare is threatened by excessive immigration".

Among those who think the government's move is a bad idea, the most common arguments are "it's a duty to help people fleeing" and "Sweden should be a country leading the way in human migration policy".

The new measures include temporary residence permits for all asylum seekers except those coming to Sweden under international quota agreements and tightened rules for family reunifications. The law, still awaiting a vote in parliament this spring, would apply for three years.

According to the poll, men are more positive than women and older individuals are more positive than younger ones. Sweden Democratic voters are the most supportive of the proposal and voters on the right are more positive than those who vote for the ruling Social Democrat or Green parties.

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