Personer som bär hoodjackor som det står "Soldiers of Odin" på.
Soldiers of Odin startade i Finland. Credit: Minna Raitavuo

Far-right vigilante group patrols city streets

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The far-right Soldiers of Odin vigilante group has started to establish itself in the county of Dalarna, central Sweden, with a number of its members "patrolling" streets in Borlänge, Säter and Hedemora, Swedish Radio News reports.

"We know that they have started establishing themselves in Dalarna, but I can't say much more than that at this stage," police spokesperson Thomas Hellgren tells P4 Dalarna.

Jonathan Leman, a journalist at newspaper Expo and an expert on the far-right, confirms the trend.

"We know that a group has started in Dalarna. According to my sources, the patrols took place in Borlänge, Säter and Hedemora during the weekend.

Soldiers of Odin is a network first started by Finnish Nazi Mika Ranta. According to Expo, the structure of the network is similar to that of criminal motorbike gangs, with different chapters.

"Soldiers of Odin have also patrolled in Stockholm and Trelleborg," says Leman.

"I'm convinced that Soldiers of Odin's patrols will only create insecurity, concern, and confrontation," Leman adds.

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