Göteborgs kommun stoppar uthyrning av lokal till konferens för muslimer.
Göteborgs kommun stoppar uthyrning av lokal till konferens för muslimer. Credit: Adam Ihse/TT

Gothenburg City cancels Muslim conference booking

"A report has been filed with the police"
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Gothenburg city council has decided it will no longer rent out the space that was intended to host a national conference on islam, after some of the people taking part in the conference were reported to the police.

The conference "I am a muslim" has been organised in Gothenburg for several years, reports Swedish Radio's local channel in Gothenburg. According to the invitation, the conference's aim is to strengthen the identity of young muslims in Sweden. But with just a week to go to this year's conference, the organisation Sweden's United Muslims was told they need to find another venue.

The plan had been - as previous years - to hold the conference in a sports hall owned by Gothenburg City council. But after new information that surfaced at a meeting between police in Gothenburg and the national intelligence and security police (Säpo), that venue is no longer available.

"I cannot go into detail what we have been talking about, but it has lead to the decision that Gothenburg city council will not rent out the space to this conference that is due to take place this weekend," Stefan Lindvall, the head of Säpo in Gothenburg told Swedish Radio P4.

According to the radio station, some of the people involved in the conferences have been reported to the police for crimes that relates to violent extremism. But no further details are revealed.

"What we can comment on is that a report has been filed with the police, but what that reports concerns we cannot comment further," said Stefan Lindvall.

The organisation hosting the conference is very critical of the decision to cancel the booking. 

"It is a very problematic approach towards the freedom of assembly and association that the conference has been stopped on such flimsy grounds," said Amanj Aziz, who works for Sweden's United Muslims.

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